Rescue Hounds in their new homes

Lucy - she has been spayed , and sadly lost a toe when her nails had been neglected. She is only 18 months old and we have just placed her in  a lovely new home which she will going to very soon.

Bobbi as she arrived in our kennels for assessment and then picture of her in her new home - looking very relaxed?

Hi I am Nellie - fast asleep in my forever home which I moved into in January - its great

We took Diana and her cross bred son from a poor but amazingly kind rescue in Spain. She gave birth to several puppies under a hedge outside an office. The Police were called to remove her mid could not make it up..somehow a couple of rescuers lifted her ( shows how thin she was) into their car with puppies in cardboard boxes. They spent the next hour on their phones trying to get someone to take her. Someone did. All the puppies died except two. Diana was full of milk..and very thin. Diana went to one place and the two puppies another. We learnt of her plight and our Face Book Army raised the money in no time to bring her to us. 


Just before she was about to leave for the U.K. one of her babies - Alpha was handed back as ‘too big now’ so we raised a bit more money and he joined Diana on their two day journey to our rescue kennels. They had been so well cared for it made us cry.


This is Diana in her lovely home with her new best really warms your heart...

This is Alpha - the cross-bred puppy of Diana from Spain....equally unwanted!  Well he is wanted now. He is utterly adored and living the life of Reilly with a Bloodhound friend

The Manchester Five (the power of the Lifeline Facebook 'Army'.


It started with this advert. One of our Facebook Army bought puppy number four...the rest were sold...and we were inundated by all sorts of people to ‘ do something’. We explained that we cannot buy bloodhounds under the terms of our charity remit. I said ‘let me think about this overnight’...’ we will find a way...’


When I got up in the morning I had enough money in my PayPal account or pledged to buy puppy 5. I had an offer of a home, six offers of collecting and delivering...and the kind person who bought puppy four...offered to foster puppy five as the new owner’s husband was having a knee replacement! 


These pictures are a screenshot of the advert taken from the sellers website and of puppies four and five.

Some pictures of the now well settled Manchester Five puppies 4 & 5

Boris in our kennels before moving off to his new home where there is another Bloodhound waiting to play with him

Tucker - a four year old dog.


Just as we were listing him he was offered a lovely home by one of the Lifeline 'Facebook Army'. So this is Tucker newly collected today 9/2/18 - now to be called Jagger in his new forever home.

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