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Got a Hound Problem? Our Services Explained

We are always ready to talk to anyone about their hounds and can offer advice and assistance from bloodhound owners and breeders with years of experience.

We recognise that peoples’ circumstances change and we want you to talk to us, rather than you pass your hound on to someone who may not be as suitable as the homes that we may have lined up ready to adopt a bloodhound; the one thing we will not do, is criticise anyone who needs our advice and assistance.

We always try our best to keep a hound in the home it knows, but sometimes this is not possible and we arrange for the hound to be brought to the rescue kennels.


The kennels have been designed to accommodate large dogs and each has integrated indoor and outdoor areas. The kennels are clean and well maintained and heated when necessary, and there is a large, fully enclosed paddock where the rescue hounds have at least two, free-running exercise periods each day.


The kennel staff are highly knowledgeable bloodhound people who will oversee the rehabilitation and re-homing process.

If you think you need advice get in touch.