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Awaiting Rescue Homes

Hello, my name is Blue and I am a very handsome (I think!) one year old pack bloodhound. I did not have a very good start in life and at four months old only weighed 3kg, nothing but skin and bone. A very kind lady took me home with her, and, with the help of her vet, slowly nursed me back to health. The five feeds a day were good!! I was full of horrid worms which were soon eradicated. When I had put on some weight I was vaccinated. The kind lady had never had a hound before and sadly was unable to cope with me and so I have come to Bloodhound Lifeline.

I am really wanting a hound knowledgeable home with another one or two dogs/hounds who are young enough to run and play with me in a big garden. I can offer a lot of affection and kisses. 

Observations while at Ashwood: 

When he first arrived Blue was terrified of the world -- loud noises, cars, lorries, tractors, planes, helicopters, you name it! I think that these fears had been reinforced by his previous owner. Within a couple of weeks he was ignoring the planes, tractors and cars that went past, no more running back to his kennel in fear. 

He is now a thug of a puppy! Very affectionate, (usually at full pelt), loves a tummy tickle and companionship. He loves other dogs but no cats please. 

 He would NOT be safe off lead as he has very little recall when he is busy. 

I am looking for a home which knows hounds with one or two other dogs who can play with him. 

He is microchipped, vaccinated and wormed. Not neutered yet as he is too young. 

If anyone would like more information please call Debbie on: 01925730606 or email: d.pownall487@btinternet.com.